For Store Owners

Introducing Colorado’s Resale and Consignment Directory

This consignment directory began in 2009 when store owner, Eileen Baranosky, wanted to promote consignment shopping.   She loved shopping at consignment shops but she knew there were others that thought consignment shopping was the same as going to a Goodwill or the Salvation Army thrift store.  She wanted to show these people that consignment shopping was different by giving them a directory of resale and consignment shops that definitely didn’t look or feel like a thrift store.  The directory would list women’s and men’s consignment shops, furniture consignment stores, bridal consignment, children’s resale, vintage shop  and any other specialty consignment or resale shop.

She reached out to other store owners with her idea and the first consignment guide was printed with 23 resale and consignment stores listed.  The consignment directory was a guide for both the novice consignment shopper and the experienced resale diva.  Shoppers and consignors love the consignment directory.

Since the first printing, consignment stores in Denver and other Colorado cities have been requesting to be in the guide.  In 2012, this website was created.  The goal is to have one directory for all the best resale and consignment stores in Colorado no matter what city.  This website will provide up-to-date information on stores in the printed guide and new stores that have opened since the annual printing of the consignment directory.

Shop owners interested in being part of the Colorado Consignment and Resale Shops website can contact Eileen at