Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

Whether you are cleaning out your closet because it’s a new season, you have no more space, want to get rid of out-of-date clothing, lost or gained weight or you have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon then these tips will help you decide what to keep and what should go.  Your goal should be to have a closet with clothing and accessories that you love to wear.

1)      Plan on consigning, selling or donating.  Whether you are planning on consigning, selling or donating your clothes you should find out the hours and days consignment stores consign, resale stores buy or thrift stores accept donations.  You don’t want to get your closets cleaned out with no place to take your unwanted items.

2)      Keep what makes you feel good. Keep those items that fit perfect and make you feel wonderful when you wear them.  Don’t clutter the closet with clothing that doesn’t make you feel beautiful or good looking.

3)      Haven’t worn it in a year then get rid of it.  The only exception is evening wear and holiday clothing that you wear occasionally.  However, if you no longer attend those fancy parties then it’s time to let go of the cocktail dresses, formals and black-tie clothing.

4)      Don’t keep “fat clothes” and “skinny clothes”.  Having several sizes of clothing in your closet is only telling you that you are not happy with your current weight.  Keep only clothes in your closet that fit and make you look good no matter what your weight.  If you’re weight changes drastically then you won’t want the old stuff in your closet.  You’ll want to go out and buy new.

5)      Get rid of items you “might wear” or have an excuse for not wearing.  Don’t keep items that you might wear if you had the right pair of pants or the perfect party to attend.  It doesn’t make sense to keep items that need ironing when you don’t iron or need dry cleaning when you don’t want to pay for cleaning.

6)      If you don’t feel good wearing it then get rid of it. Don’t keep items that someone else said looked good on you.  If you don’t feel good when you put it on then you won’t wear it no matter what someone says.

7)      Keep the memory but not the item.  Don’t keep those 6 inch high heels you wore to prom if you can no longer walk in heels.  Don’t keep that size 2 dress now that you’re a size 14.  If you want to remember the item, take a picture of it and then you can look and remember without loosing space in your closet.

8)      Get rid of duplicates you don’t wear.  You bought the same item in every color and yes you love the style and yes you love the look but how many colors are you really wearing?  Get rid of all those items that you bought in every color.  Keep only the colors you wear.

9)      How much can you wear?  Can you wear 75 tops and 30 pairs of pants or 26 pairs of high heels and 18 pairs of sandals during the year?  Surprise yourself and count your items.  Be realistic and decide how many are still in style and just how many you will wear.

10)   Don’t wait too long.  If you hold onto items too long they will be out of style even if they have designer labels or new tags.  Don’t wait 10 years to get rid of business attire you no longer wear because then you will have to donate these items.

11)   Make a “keep it”, “get rid of it” and “maybe” piles.  For most of the items, you will probably know immediately if it’s a “keep it” or a “get rid of it” item.  When you have doubt then put the item in the “maybe” pile.

12)   Return “keep it” items to the closet.  Examine the “keep it” items you’re putting back in the closet.  Is the item really worn or is there piling, snags, holes, stains or frayed hems?  If it’s not in good condition then don’t put it back.

13)   Sort through the “maybe” pile.   Look through the “maybe” pile and ask yourself, “Do I love it?”, “Is it in style?”, “Does it fit?” and “Will I wear it?” Be honest.  If you answered no to anyone of these questions then “get rid of it”.

14)   Organize your clothes.  Put your clothes back so that it’s easy for you to find items.  You may want to organize by type of clothing (i.e. pants, tops, jackets), color, season or how often you wear certain items.

15)   What to do with the “get rid of it” pile.  Sift through the “get rid of it” pile and decide if you want to consign clothing, sell it or donate the items.  Tips on Consigning and Selling may help you decide if it’s worth it to consign, sell or donate.