Invest in Gold and Silver with Colorado Gold

When you are looking for a reputable business to purchase your precious metals from look no further than Colorado Gold. A reputable business that has been in existence for four decades and a family-run business, how can you go wrong?

Gold and Silver Bullion investing has become the go-to choice for investors to hedge inflation and balance their portfolios. Known as a more conservative investment strategy, owning physical gold and silver coins and bars is a means to invest without the concerns of the exchanges and the daily ups and downs of the stocks.

You could invest in gold and silver in the market, but your investment will be influenced by outside forces.

When you invest in physical assets, you take away the market’s ability to control the outcome.

As an investor, are you looking to hedge inflation or conserve your capital for retirement? Gold and Silver are perfect ways to own a physical investment that has appreciated over the past 30 years by over 300% and still has your initial investment.

When you compare holding cash in savings at a low-interest rate versus investing in physical gold and silver coins think about this…

When you put cash into a savings account you may get a small interest rate and that would be your investment return. Now, the cash itself doesn’t appreciate while it’s sitting in the account but you can make an income or return of interest. In 25 years what would you get with your investment? You would get your cash back, it’s secure and you don’t have to worry about the investment going down.

But, consider what you can buy with that cash…

Today in 2022 you might be able to buy a car with that cash in your savings account. But in 25 years with the fact we know the prices will appreciate, you may only be able to buy 1/2 of the car.

Now consider buying gold and silver bullion with that same cash. You buy the gold and put it in a safe location. 25 years from now will gold prices be the same? or more than today’s spot price? If the gold and silver prices increase now you could have an investment (coin) that is worth more than you paid in 2022.

When you go buy that car in 25 years with the same initial investment of cash you had before you might be able to purchase the whole car because the value or price of gold has increased.

There is a big difference between the spot price of gold and the value of gold or silver coin.

The spot price of gold refers to the melt value of that gold as bullion. Not a finished coin or bar.

The value of a gold or silver coin is what the market will bear for you to transact or sell that coin for.

Sometimes there is a big difference between the two, sometimes they are the same.

If you are considering placing a large chunk of cash in a bank or your safe, consider splitting that amount and buying gold or silver coins to hedge the inflation of the market.

For those looking to secure their retirement with more conservative options, physical gold and silver are great options. I for one have been looking down the barrel of my remaining years and know that conserving my money is a priority.

Diversifying my portfolio into 15-18% physical precious metals is a good option for me. I didn’t buy my bullion to make money. I bought the physical coins and bars to hedge the market and conserve my money. I could have decided that a saving account at a 1% return would be the best option. The money would be backed by the FDIC but owning the physical gold coins I can take them to my local dealer to liquidate or I can sell them back to the original company I purchase from. I bought my gold and silver coins in Colorado and I have had no issues since I transacted. I possess my physical gold myself. I haven’t purchased within an IRA yet, but I may in the future when I roll over my 401(k). Having options is best for me and working with a reputable company is important.

Do your due diligence before making any investment decisions including working with a reputable company like August Precious Metals for your IRA Investing. If you haven’t considered precious metals yet for your portfolio do some research and figure out if it is a good option to diversify your portfolio. Sometimes I feel like a pirate with a chest of gold when I open my safe and those coins are stacked up. I still pull them out and pretend I’ve hit the mother load in the 1700s. Augusta Precious Metals is one of the top Gold IRA companies in the United States with zero BBB customer complaints and thousands of satisfied customers. The customer service you receive will be top-notch and you won’t believe how they will treat you along the decision path. If you are looking for education on the subject of investing in precious metals, their staff has a full extensive library of information that you can read.

So how do you decide if investing in precious metals is right for you?

That is a hard question for me to answer. You have to have the correct mindset. In my 20’s and 30’s, I didn’t invest in bullion, I wish I did. Where would I be today if I dollar-cost-averaged my gold and silver purchase for 30 years? I started buying in my 40’s after the crash of the market in 2008. I haven’t seen a huge return, but I know my investment is secure and I can liquidate and have cash if needed.

Now with the rising prices of goods and services in 2022, I know that my money is where it should be. Physical gold and silver coins…

Take the time to learn a little more about the precious metals market. Click on the link for Augusta above and The Plug’s website will give you some information on their company. If you like what you read, take time to move on and get a FREE guide to understanding the Gold IRA and buying Gold with Cash.

Education in this market is for those that are looking…

If you can get good educational materials on gold and silver investment you can make informed decisions.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your treasure chest full of gold sometime in the future!

Should You Consign Your Precious Metals

Gold and Silver Consignment

When you’re ready to sell your bullion you should consider consigning the gold or silver with Consignment Colorado. One of Colorado’s largest consignment stores, we have all kinds of precious metals, gold, silver, jewelry, and more available for our customers. Our contacts across the United States are always calling looking for rare coins or vintage jewelry.

Why consign your gold or silver bars versus just selling outright? Well those rare coins can be hard to sell. Coin collectors are always calling and coming by to check out our new selection in store. We advertise in several publications and as soon as you consign with us you piece will be added to the website.

When you stop by Consignment Colorado check out our great selection of vintage apparel, furniture, and mining equipment.

Colorado is one of the largest gold deposits in the state and people are looking for vintage gold mining equipment. Gold was mined underground for years and there are fewer hard hats and pix axes on the market today than ever.

Come check out the Denver Mint and take a tour. The U.S. Mint in Denver Colorado produces billions of circulating coins, commemorative coins, and uncirculated coin sets each year.

So don’t be surprised if the Consignment Colorado store has a few of the U.S. Mint coins for you to choose from.