Should You Consign Your Precious Metals

Gold and Silver Consignment

When you’re ready to sell your bullion you should consider consigning the gold or silver with Consignment Colorado. One of Colorado’s largest consignment stores, we have all kinds of precious metals, gold, silver, jewelry, and more available for our customers. Our contacts across the United States are always calling looking for rare coins or vintage jewelry.

Why consign your gold or silver bars versus just selling outright? Well those rare coins can be hard to sell. Coin collectors are always calling and coming by to check out our new selection in store. We advertise in several publications and as soon as you consign with us you piece will be added to the website.

When you stop by Consignment Colorado check out our great selection of vintage apparel, furniture, and mining equipment.

Colorado is one of the largest gold deposits in the state and people are looking for vintage gold mining equipment. Gold was mined underground for years and there are fewer hard hats and pix axes on the market today than ever.

Come check out the Denver Mint and take a tour. The U.S. Mint in Denver Colorado produces billions of circulating coins, commemorative coins, and uncirculated coin sets each year.

So don’t be surprised if the Consignment Colorado store has a few of the U.S. Mint coins for you to choose from.